torsdag den 14. april 2011

Real Life

" Dear lord " is the word to describe how i feel right now.
This city is incredible, the culture and all these nice people and so much more.
Never seen as many people in one place.
This city could be described this way " The cellphone city that never sleeps "
In every corner you can see people in fashionable clothes that know how to work it
I feel so small in this city
I feel like this city is the whole world, like there is nothing more to life then this city
It feels like nothing can get bigger, nothing is larger but it isn't like that
it just feels like it.
Yesterday was a shopping day..
Quite nice to get to shop
it was a long drive to New Jersey
I like it better in the mid city. But it was fine.
Today was different. I think i've never walked so much in my life.
We walked from 34th street [ Where my home is] to SOHO, quite good i think.
I've spoken a lot more English than i thought i would do.
So I, my mom and dad walked to this garden, sweet and cozy
We brought some food with us. Pretty nice to get to chill in the sunlight after walking miles! lovelove
I burned my skin
My skin is like a dead body, i'm dying out of whiterness hahah
I bought cool clothes today
Nothing but pleasure
Have a nice day
I'm out

Photos Que J'ai Pris.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Gorgeous photographs. Love all the streetstyle ones. I work in soho so funny to see those photos by aritzia!

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  2. Thank you!
    Me and my family thought that Soho was the nicest place in new york. No high buildings screaming all over you. I would definitely consider living there in the future..