onsdag den 18. april 2012

Lately i've been listening a lot to chilly music like Likke li and two door cinema club
Feel free to send me song in the comments
the pictures i got from my film camera weren't as good as i hoped for
i have to do somethingg about itt
haveagood dayyy

lørdag den 7. april 2012

Summer's soon

This day today has been really really good, not that i did so much
but just had the time to do things i'm not use to do other dayss.
I found this amazing artist, singer named Lucy Rose.. She's from England
and has the coolest British accent everrr, also very tallented!
I applied for collage [age 16-20] last weeek, it was actually just my first application [there will be a final one]
and it really doesn't change so much what i choose buut still, it was kindaa hard choosing.
My future pretty much depends on what collage i go to, argh

mandag den 2. april 2012

Spring spirit

I went to the theatre yesterday so i had the chance to wear my sisters old cropped top from her teen yearsss 90s
Buut these days i'm justtt enjoying my easter break and trying to get a tan in this lovely weather
If your holding on to any good movies, comment below <3