onsdag den 28. december 2011

Blog boom this Desember
You will probably expect some new photos from me this week or the next....

tirsdag den 27. december 2011

Went downtown today
it's nice spending time with my sisters.
I'm trying to find a new look that i like for my blog, 
It's kind  of hard but I hope i will find it soon

søndag den 25. december 2011

I've had a really nice time over the holidays
And it's good to have my sisters back 
Me and my sister, Bryndis took some pictures that i want to share with you.
happy xxxxmas

onsdag den 21. december 2011

torsdag den 15. december 2011

Christmas dress, Yes or No ??­

New photos of the dress i made.
Butttt, i'm thinking of taking a little break from my blog over the holidays
But maybe if i'm in the mood i'll blogg a little.
Should i wear this dress on Christmas eve??­ ­­ ??­ ­
I'm going to think about it,
Looking forward to hear from you readers after just about three weeks or so :))