fredag den 28. januar 2011

Sounds of 80's

 My taste of music. 
 My sense of Style. 
My care and love for fashion. 
 My favorite, Johnny Depp 

torsdag den 20. januar 2011


I just watched the movie Our lips are sealed. Great movie, Mary-kate and Ashley starring.
 Hope the land " Yurugli " doesn't exist,
 at least when i write it here , that red line comes under
 Watching Iceland-Norway as we say in icelandic " eins og enginn sé morgundagurinn ".
" Like no one is tomorrow "? don't think that matches, couldn't find a better translation 
-xoxo steinunn-

-" God bless the hear "

lørdag den 15. januar 2011

"The Time"

This time of year i wished i lived in California LA!
This crappy country is driving me CRAZY! seriously.
Me and my friend are upsest with Enrique iglesias, that song "Tonight" is so , so godly
I have been dreaming a lot lately, last night i dreamed a dream that was so weird, like there is some dream that is normal?

torsdag den 13. januar 2011

" Hi There Beautiful "

I thought to my self : " Is my World as big as my bedroom? " i thought about Justin. At least he's world is  bigger. That's something i want to be a part of.

I can't wait for the summer!, It's my favorite time of the year.
I'm going ti NYC! just can't wait, i'm going to have the time of my life.
I'm hoping to meet some celebs, maybe the Gossip girl cast! Hahaha,.. like that's ever going to happend.
XXXpeace steinunnXXX

torsdag den 6. januar 2011

" January 6th "

Yub, long time since i blogged last time, i have been soooo busy. 
But anywayyyy, i've been watching Vh1 music station for a while and i'm kind of liking it.
 Found some great stuff there.
I think that music gives man inspiration for what you dress like.
En annars bara að glamra á gítarinn bæ.

- I was going to put photos of me but i couldn't find them, maybe later.
Roll down to see video.