søndag den 27. februar 2011

Bieber fever

I think this blog should be dedicated to my bro Justin Bieber. This boy has gotten me through hard and good times, he's definitely my life saver. Went to see his movie last night [Never say never 3d] and while watching it, all those thoughts got into my mind, he's is this natural boy who does it all on his own, his natural and what his stylist says, natural is never easy, witch is true. He has all my love and support to death, he's something that only comes every 100 years.
Now to business.


onsdag den 23. februar 2011

Dikta - from now on

Haha, talking to my friend about being naked in this crazyy rain here in Iceland..  kind of tempting.
Having friends that have good taste in fashion is nothing but nice, talking about it makes me inspired 
so many things can make us human being inspired! it's incredible
These musicians are amazing, i mean they've changed my life.
And then there is Elizabeth Olsen younger sister of Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen

tirsdag den 22. februar 2011

The Cardigans - Erase Rewind

I feel bad when i don't blog for days, i got to get better, seriously.
but today i don't feel bad so here are some " myndir "
" It's hard to find songs that make you feel good, but when you find them something magical happens ".

Song that are old, are often gold, this song is Old and Gold.


tirsdag den 15. februar 2011

In motioN

Music changes life.
When i say it, i mean it.
That is the difference between thinking and saying.
Meaning means much more.

This is dedicated to  Lykke li, Robyn, Florence And The Machine, Christal castles, Bon iver, Massive Attack, Vampire weekend, Kenton slash demon, Kings of leon.
Icelandic musicians are not my least favorite   Mammút, Dikta, Seabear, Retro stefson. 
I could keep counting all night long, there are so many amazing artist that are GOOD

Angus And Julia Stone - Big Jet Plane

ynnuf os " Be aware of dogs " so funny

søndag den 13. februar 2011

Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers (Director: Tarik Saleh)

Watching the red carpet on e entertainment television. Pretty much great but not really started.
Beyonce is so beautiful!, she dresses the right way and knows how to work it! oh yeahh
 Enjoy this deeply and please respect and learn a lot!
Ps. i love glee

lørdag den 5. februar 2011

Dance Dance Dance

 Time goes so fast by, everyday feels the same..
Rather boring day forward, but maybe i will get outside to this crazy snow.
The snow here in Iceland is like 50cm, No kidding!
La Bamba is so sad, but at the same time very good, buddy holly was so cute.
peace and love to ya'all

-Leaves tell us how short life is, they appear in spring and leave in the autumn-

tirsdag den 1. februar 2011

Blogs blOgs blogS blogS

GiLiAn zInSeR
I think we can compare her to Mary-Kate and Ashley.
Their style is very much alike.
I was thinking about doing a scrapbook, i want it to be the coolest scrapbook in the world!
Sooo now i'm going to watch the best show ever.
xoxo Gossip Girl

ps. her nose is perfect