onsdag den 28. marts 2012

Here you can see some photos i took in January, i really just haven't had time to post them sooo here you go!
It's been kinda cool having my sisters around, but today they went back to Copenhavn
It can be hard sometimes to not being able to hug them or just see their faces
Butttt you can always look on the bright side, I will see them this summer when my family will be vacating in Berlin
Thanxxx for taking a look at my blog, hope i'll see YOU someday
And one thing, Go to Austurstræti 10 in Reykjavik and take a look at Rosa.Bryndis clothing 

mandag den 19. marts 2012

Late Xxxmas

I found some photos from last Christmas that i hadn't postedd, so here it goes..
I've probably mention it before, but my sister is a designer and has a brand called Rosa.Bryndis
and yeahh, soon they'll be selling their clothes in Iceland. Go to Kraum on Aðalstræti 10 
and find something interesting to wear for your next birthday partyy or whateverrr
wellll imma go watch Skins now, have a nice evening

lørdag den 17. marts 2012

The dreamersss

The other day i watched this movie, The dreamers. It'sss about an american student who's living in Paris
He meets these siblings that have this really strange relationship
They become friends and in time discover their same interest in old movies
If you're not sure what movies you're gonna watch, take a look at this list i madeeee

Tom boy [2011]
Somewhere [2010]
Remember me [2010]
Drive [2011]
Submarine [2010]
motorcycle diaries [2004]

fredag den 16. marts 2012

Someeee cameroid photos i've been taking for some while
it's soooo much fun
My sisters are coming to Iceland because of my grandpa
It's been pretty hard not having them around, so it will be extra nice when they come
home earlier than usual

torsdag den 8. marts 2012

These days i'm decorating my wall
I'm collecting photos of men who were famous in the 70's.
They are mostly singers, actors and directors

The coooolest looks from a machine life

tirsdag den 6. marts 2012

Thatt down there is a video.
enjoy it please
and then we've got some things 
that i'd like to have some day