tirsdag den 12. juli 2011

Long time since last //

I only have to wait one more day..
Tomorrow my sister is coming to Iceland and i haven't seen her for over a half year.
As i think i've said before, she's join a group of designers to compete against each
other in a company called Reykjavik Runway, Her brand is called Rosa.Bryndis
which is her name, Bryndis, and her friends, Rosa.
But enough about that, i just can't wait to see her!.. it's been to long
Though she's going to be busy and all that i'm sure we will still be able to manage what
We've talked about doing togetherrr :o)

I discovered this band, Captain fufanu..
It's amazing how their songs are perfect in every way.
Check it out!

These photos are form the show 90210... In the show this girl is called Ivy
But her real name is Gillian Zinser, her personality and style inspires me a little

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